All of our slate/tiling roofing contracts are carried out by Robert Thom. Robert has been in the roofing trade all of his working life and is well known for his quality of work and dedication to the job.



                            Roof re-slated with second-hand slates


SCOTIA PRESERVATION offer a Flat Roof System supplied by TOPSEAL SYSTEMS LTD. We are an approved contractor for TOPSEAL Glass Reinforced Polyester Roof Systems. Our technicians have undertaken comprehensive training courses, which ensures that an exceptionally high standard is always maintained during the installation process. Our roofing team are led by Mr Robert Thom and Mr Michael Grant who have many years experience in this field. They are highly regarded by the industry and are responsible for every roofing contract we undertake. We can offer solutions to not only problem flat roofs but also undertake the replacement of troublesome asbestos roofs and constantly leaking hidden gulleys and gutters. You can rest assured that the standard of service to be expected in this venture will be as high as we offer in our Preservation Services. It is our belief that the long-term benefits offered by GRP/fibreglass flat roof systems will enable us to continue to provide our clients with innovative methods of addressing age old problems.